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The IRIS Clinical Taskforce is always keen to hear from both clinicians interested in being involved in the delivery of IRIS services, and also in hearing directly from communities who are interested in being considered for an IRIS visit in the future.

For Clinicians

If you are a clinician involved in the delivery of eye health in Australia and believe you have the ability to make a contribution to the delivery of IRIS to remote and rural communities then please get in touch.

We are always interested to speak with clinicians across Australia to investigate if there are opportunities for you to get involved with either IRIS or other aspects of the clinical services delivered by Vanguard Health.

For Communities

If you believe your community has an existing eye health service deficit and want to have the IRIS Clinical Taskforce consider including your community in a future visit schedule then please reach out to the team.

We are interested to hear from community leaders, community members and clinicians working in remote and rural communities who believe that an IRIS visit would be beneficial to the local community. We will then investigate the need in your local area and assess it as part of the IRIS planning process for future service locations.

For Corporate Partners

If you believe in the IRIS story and want to help rural and remote communities with improved access to eye health then please reach out to the team.

We are always looking for Partners on the IRIS Program who believe in Closing the Gap through improved eye health access, want a clear outcome from their support, and have an interest in rural and remote communities across Australia. We believe in better health for remote communities and look forward to your support to extend our reach and support to more Australians.

Providing vision right across Australia

We are constantly looking for new IRIS service locations and love to get feedback from local communities that might benefit from an IRIS team visit. Get in touch if you want to discuss an IRIS Clinical team coming to your local community.

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