Eye service week in Broome, WA

The IRIS Program team was in Broome on 26-31 May 2019 for a week long eye intensive. This is the second visit to WA for the IRIS Program under a partnership with the Lions Outback Vision who provide outreach services across the communities of regional, rural and remote Western Australia. 

The IRIS team enjoying sunset on Cable Beach after a busy day of surgery


Across two days of surgery the team completed 10 cataract procedures and 5 pterygium removals. Patients described that prior to surgery they had experienced difficulties with work tasks such as reading fine print, driving and enjoying social activities – and for one patient being unable to see the golf ball was a major challenge!

Kay gets shown how to apply her eye-drops post-operatively by Dr Townsend in the Broome post-op clinic


In clinic patients aren’t just checked for post-operative complications and issues, but also get advice about to look after their eyes, applying their eye drops and whether they need further appointments or surgeries (particularly common is a booking for a second cataract procedure on the other eye). 


Gemma from Broome has her eyes checked after a successful pterygium removal

What is important for the patients is that the service is then able to link them into an appropriate 4-6 week follow up appointment with their local optometrist, a visiting optometrist or a future visit from the Lions Outback Vision Van. 

Anthony gets his eyes checked by Dr Shah in the Broome post-op clinic


The IRIS Program is grateful to the ongoing partnership with Lions Outback Vision to deliver eye services in remote Western Australia and to the staff of the Broome Hospital for their support. IRIS will be back in Western Australia in early July for a week visit to Derby. 

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We are constantly looking for new IRIS service locations and love to get feedback from local communities that might benefit from an IRIS team visit. Get in touch if you want to discuss an IRIS Clinical team coming to your local community.

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