Our Team – Dr Gavin Stringfellow

Dr Gavin Stringfellow

Dr Gavin Stringfellow

Why I joined the IRIS team: Working with the IRIS team enables me to bring my skills as an eye surgeon out to the bush, to the people that need it most. The staff of IRIS are so enthusiastic and genuinely care about all our patients, they are an absolute pleasure to work with.

The biggest challenge to delivering specialist eye services in rural and remote locations is…co-ordinating the many aspects of the service. From patient transport to the high tech surgical equipment and specially trained nurses and support staff, all of which come from far and wide across NSW. It’s such a big job to bring it all together. We have an amazing team who spend many hours working behind the scenes to ensure each surgical trip runs smoothly and efficiently.

Cataract surgery can…be incredibly rewarding and a chance to really make a positive change to people’s lives by giving them back their sight

My IRIS journey so far has been…so rewarding and humbling. I have met so many amazing people from the remote communities of western NSW and I try to bring a little bit of their outback spirit with me back to the city with every trip.

Providing vision right across Australia

We are constantly looking for new IRIS service locations and love to get feedback from local communities that might benefit from an IRIS team visit. Get in touch if you want to discuss an IRIS Clinical team coming to your local community.

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