About IRIS Program

The Indigenous and Remote Eye Health Service (IRIS) is focused on real patient outcomes, through the delivery of eye clinics and surgical services directly in remote and rural communities across Australia.

IRIS is about outcomes.

Funded by the Australian Government, IRIS will deliver more than 500 cataract surgeries for remote, rural and indigenous Australians during an 18 month intensive delivery period. We don’t measure success by how many services we deliver, or in how many sites we work, but only in how many patients we can treat and ensure that their vision is restored through surgical intervention.

IRIS is about flexibility.

The team in Vanguard Health who will deliver the IRIS Program have a depth of experience in coordinating and delivering health services in regional, rural and remote Australia. By focusing on addressing local constraints for the delivery of eye health services and by ensuring the delivery of patient care is the core focus of the program, the team will ensure that funding is applied flexibly to maximise patient outcomes and experience.

IRIS is about quality.

All of the clinical experts engaged by Vanguard Health in the IRIS Program are recognised in their fields as genuine experts and masters of their craft. This ensures that patients in rural and remote locations will receive the same level of care as patients from, regional and metropolitan Australian cities.

IRIS is about communities.

We aim to provide care as close to home as possible, directly in the communities where the patients live. The team understand the challenges of leaving the community to receive care in an unfamiliar location and we aim to ensure that patients travel as little as possible in the delivery of the IRIS Program. This reduces dislocation of communities and greatly improves patient and carer experience.

Providing vision right across Australia

We are constantly looking for new IRIS service locations and love to get feedback from local communities that might benefit from an IRIS team visit. Get in touch if you want to discuss an IRIS Clinical team coming to your local community.

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