What is IRIS?

The Indigenous and Remote Eye Health Service - IRIS - is a joint initiative of the Australian Society of 
home_image2Ophthalmologists and the Australian Government.

IRIS is funded by the Federal Department of Health and Ageing and was established mid-2010 to deliver a national approach to the delivery of eye health services in Australia's rural and remote communities.

IRIS plans to bring substantially improved eye health services to rural and remote parts of Australia through a co-ordinated and whole-of-care approach to service development and delivery.

The IRIS Taskforce, which is made up of representatives from ophthalmology, optometry, eye health co-ordination and the Australian Government is working to improve the national co-ordination of funding and general service delivery of eye health services in rural, remote and Indigenous communities across Australia.


footer_logosFunding for this project is provided to the Australian Society of Ophthalmologists by the Australian Government
under the Medical Specialist Outreach Assistance Program – Eye Health Teams for Rural Australia measure